About Us

Our origin

ILR Safety CC is an owner run business specializing in the design and manufacture of Emergency Exit egress solutions and other safety products.

Founded on the product Safe-T-Punch™, a simple solution to providing a reliable means of operating a toughened glass emergency exit as often found in buses, trains, ferries, cars and buildings.

ILR Safety CC is an ISO9001:2015 certified company

Over a period of 30 years the technology comprising a Safe-T-Punch™ emergency egress system was refined. This technology is in essence a reliable delivery mechanism for a hard material impact tip capable of penetrating Toughened glass. When the device is struck a chain reaction of scientifically evaluated events occur resulting in the instantaneous destruction of the emergency exit window within the abilities of an adolescent female.

This technology was evaluated by the Council for Scientific and industrial Research (CSIR), the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) and Wintech United Kingdom, a UKAS Accredited testing facility.

Safe-T-Punch™ is deemed fit for purpose under the requirements of UN ECE R107 for a “device with which to break readily breakable safety glass…”and is exported to many countries world-wide.

Safe-T-Punch™ is used on many world leading automotive brands where it is fitted as standard equipment on their production lines and as a retrofit-able option to improving passenger safety.

Safe-T-Punch™ has won the following awards: 2001 SABS Design Institute Award for design excellence, A Design for Development Award for improving the quality of life and the prestigious SABS Design institute’s Chairman’s award in the engineering category.

Safe-T-Punch™ is a Registered Trademark and is Patented and Design Registered Internationally. Current Intellectual Property and updated designs affords Safe-T-Punch™ unprecedented international exclusivity.

Safe-T-Punch™ is fast becoming the international norm and with a successful network of distribution and contract supply customers is set to become the established method of ensuring that any toughened glass emergency exit will perform in a lifesaving manner.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification