Safe-T-Punch™ 50FA

OE specified or retrofitted.
No tools required for installation
Safety Tag supplied
Instructions sticker supplied
Independently tested.
Environmental Protection Ring (EVP) enhanced service durability
Low tolerance and low profile design with no sliding parts

Evaluated and deemed fit for purpose under UN ECE R107, Australia ADR 44 and USA/Canada FMVSS 217 emergency exit requirements

Double glazing applications – Click here



50mm diameter
9mm height

Above is the most effective and efficient self-rescue emergency escape device currently available with a profile of only 9mm high and independent tests on 6mm toughened glass, it checks all the boxes including price in comparison to other break glass systems. Safe-T-Punch™ products have been specifically designed for breaking the toughened single and double glazed windows installed on buses, coaches, taxis, ferries, trains and in homes.
The patented stack-ability of the STP50FA allows for multiple glazing windows to be equipped to function as emergency exits. This allows for a sealed, climatically controlled and energy efficient environment without compromising safety.

Unlike other hammer or lever operated emergency escape systems, the Safe-T-Punch™ is fixed to the toughened glass window with a very high bond strength industrial adhesive tape that eliminates the need for external mountings, custom interior panels and complicated instructions for use.
Simple peel and stick fitment of device and instructions decal converts any designated toughened glass emergency exit into a fully compliant emergency exit capable of saving lives.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification