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Safe-T-Punch was invented in 1991 by Ivan le Roux. Inspiration for creating a better emergency window technology stems from a tragic South African disaster where 42 children drowned inside a submerged bus.

Safe-T-Punch has undergone many refinements over the years. Caring, passion and commitment towards saving lives has resulted in the development of the modern range of sophisticated Safe-T-Punch products seen, used internationally.

Pia le Roux joined the ILR Safety CC team in 2006 as Director and CFO. As a small family run business her grit and tireless support has been the backbone of the ongoing success of Safe-T-Punch.

Today, reproductions of the Safe-T-Punch technology can be found sold worldwide under many brand names. It is globally recognised as an essential lifesaving device. The original Safe-T-Punch is still made under the care of its inventor who is Technical Director of ILR Safety CC.

In 2016 ILR Safety CC achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification and in 2020 upgraded its quality management system to ISO 9001:2015 certification. The pinnacle of voluntary commitment to the sustainable quality of Safe-T-Punch.

Hein van Spaendonck joined the Safe-T-Punch team in 2019 as international sales director for PLR Distribution Pty Ltd – our in house Safe-T-Punch distribution company dedicated to selling our original Safe-T-Punch devices globally. Hein has brought new life to our continuation and expansion as supplier of original Safe-T-Punch devices.

Together with our international agents, and our team of dedicated long standing personnel we are committed to excellence, proficiency and perfection.

Safe-T-Punch is outstanding quality and a regulatory compliant emergency window device to manufacturers and operators of various industry sectors. Daily, in many countries, millions of lives are protected by Safe-T-Punch devices – Easily recognised as a red button fitted to the emergency exit window.

A lifesaving technology where function dictates form and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Safe-T-Punch – Save Lives

ISO 9001:2015 Certification