Technical Manager

Employed to understand the item supplied and its place within operations. For them an accredited technical report is gold.


1) Fault finding –

  • The OE Manufacturer, ILR Safety’s ISO9001:2015 certification makes for standardisation of a life-saving product. 
  • Comparative samples are issued to all customers to ensure that what is ordered can be verified.
  • Monitoring and measuring during tolerance manufacturing ensures conformance of Safe-T-Punch™ devices.
  • All Safe-T-Punch™ devices are permanently engraved with a traceable manufacturing batch number
  • All processes and products are controlled and all non-conformances are recorded and risks are mitigated.

2) Customer interface –

  • As the inventor of the Safe-T-Punch™ device in 1992, ILR Safety has developed a vast repository of all relevant technical information.
  • Test reports are available to satisfy any questions regarding technical requirements for Emergency Windows.
  • Safe-T-Punch™ has many benefits and applications

3) Management of production team –

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is very sophisticated yet extremely simple to install thus there are few opportunities for things to go wrong
  • Successful installation can be achieved by unskilled labour
  • No tools or electricity are required to install the device
  • Being a compact product it is simple to store
  • Seamless interface between departments makes management simple

4) Design and Development –

  • D&D is a detailed process and forms part of the OE manufacturer, ILR Safety’s, ISO 9001:2015 certification
  • Our D&D team is available to assist in customising our products to customer needs
  • Specific testing is undertaken by ILR Safety if required by the customer
  • Samples are provided for suitability testing by the customer
  • Instructions stickers are developed in different languages to suit regional customer needs
  • Testing is conducted in order to ensure legal
  • Many reports have been written by the manufacturer on all aspects regarding Emergency Windows their materials, design and performance
  • Independent accredited tests performed on the Safe-T-Punch™ simplifies acceptability of results for senior management and directors

5) Installation –

  • Check glass markings for suitability – Toughened glass conforming to UN ECE R43 or similar standard
  • Simply clean the glass surface, peel the adhesive backing paper and stick the device and instructions sticker in the designated area of any UN ECE R107 required readily breakable emergency window

6) Maintenance –

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is a permanent non-portable installation designed to perform unattended public service
  • Spare parts are available: these include instructions stickers, safety tags, replacement adhesive and anti-vandal covers

ISO 9001:2015 Certification