Scheduling Manager

Responsible for seamless supply of parts exactly according to their production requirements. We offer excellent monitored, measured and traceable service to our customers


1) Scheduling –

  • It is our mission to accurately deliver the right product to the right receiver and the right time.
  • The Safe-T-Punch™ requires no tools, fasteners or skilled labour in order to be fitted.
  • Few ancillary requirements reduces your workload
  • Our distributor will ensure that you are confident that your planning and production occur according to your schedule. We pride ourselves on our on-time delivery

2) Service –

  • We offer a pick and pack service and dispatch as per your requirements
  • We are readily available to advise regarding shipment enquiries
  • We will provide you with regular updates regarding the progress of your shipment, wherever possible
  • The service that we offer includes monitoring of your parcel door to door.
  • We will trouble-shoot customs holdups, track updates and confirm delivery as part of our standard service
  • We will provide certificates of origin when needed ensure that no tariffs are charges for imports into the EU from South Africa

3) Stock –

  • We carry stock of all models of Safe-T-Punch™ devices and your order confirmation will corroborate the delivery date
  • Lead times will be communicated as requested
  • Custom language instructions stickers are subject to design approval and printing lead times Stock can be booked via bulk order and then dispatched as required to the customer
  • Notifying our distributor of your future expected requirements also ensures seamless provision of your requirements

3) Administration –

  • ILR Safety can provide the customer with a complete detail of customer information requirements in order to ensure ease of supply chain service

ISO 9001:2015 Certification