Sales Manager

Responsible for marketing the final product to their customers. Safe-T-Punch – Save Lives and is a robust product designed to perform unattended public service


1) For your customers –

  • You can be sure that Safe-T-Punch™ is far better than an emergency hammer. 
  • It is innovative, manufactured under ISO9001:2015, tested,  approved, simple and very cost effective.  We have a list of advantages, benefits and features; you can’t go wrong if you supply a Safe-T-Punch™ instead of a  hammer
  • We offer extensive guidance and technical support to facilitate communicating the extraordinary efficacy and revolution and evolution that Safe-T-Punch™ offers

2) Training –

  • The extensive Safe-T-Punch™ sales manual and accompanying sales documents are available for training your sales staff

3) Sales plans –

  • The benefits to the operator and end user of Safe-T-Punch™ are far reaching and long lasting
  • Safe-T-Punch™ is a positive sales feature that is fully compliant, enhances intended safety while reducing risk and maintenance
  • Safe-T-Punch™ is internationally used, especially in the bus, marine and plant and machinery industries

4) Unique selling proposition –

  • It is a very simple yet highly sophisticated fully compliant device
  • Please see our Safe-T-Punch™ list of uses
  • The Safe-T-Punch™ device is by far the best option when compared to other emergency window methods and tools such as hinged windows or escape hammers
  • Safe-T-Punch™ is unique in many aspects and is voluntarily performance tested by 3 independent accredited testing facilities CSIR, SABS and Wintech UK
  • It is Homologated and Not portable one installed
  • Unlike hammers it cannot be used a weapon or harmful item
  • Safe-T-Punch™ is patented, design registered, trademark registered making its origin well known and verifiable
  • Its manufacturer ILR Safety is ISO9001:2015 certified
  • All our Safe-T-Punch™ products are traceable

ISO 9001:2015 Certification