New Product Development & Sourcing

Employed to look at new technology. The expected entry point and vetting of new ideas being presented to the company. A tangible ready to go product is gold to them.

New Product Development & Sourcing

1) Innovation –

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is a revolutionary technology that enables and absolutely improves emergency windows and other emergency break-glass requirements.
  • Safe-T-Punch™ is the very next step in the evolution of vehicle safety; it is state-of-the-art.
  • It is far, far better than existing hammer technology
  • It fits the definition of “device; it is not a tool
  • Its approach is measured and scientific
  • Safe-T-Punch™ is tested and approved
  • And It is very cost effective
  • Safe-T-Punch™ is not portable or hazardous.
  • Safe-T-Punch™ will save lives

2) Improved Compliance –

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is a Device capable of breaking “readily breakable safety glass”
  • It is tested by independent accredited laboratories
  • Its performance is measured
  • All requirements for acceptance by the relevant competent authority are provided by the OE manufacturer of Safe-T-Punch™
  • Safe-T-Punch™ can be used by the glass manufacturer during verification of Emergency Window “readily breakable safety glass
  • Designed to work within the physical abilities and rights of a 12 year old female.

3) Reduced Risk –

  • Analysed and evaluated using Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FEMA) (link to internal document) and Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis (DFMEA) (link to internal document)
  • Real-time evaluation studies performed on vandalism and its risk reduction techniques.
  • Designed resistance to forced/unauthorised removal once installed
  • The device is not portable and is fixed in its place of operation.
  • The manufacturer of Safe-T-Punch™ is ILR Safety is ISO9001:2015 certified and is the known OE manufacturer of all original Safe-T-Punch™ devices
  • All devices are traceable via permanently marked batch numbers.
  • Safe-T-Punch™ complies to the letter and spirit of Regulation UN ECE R107 – Uniform Provisions for the Construction of M2 and M3 type vehicles; Technical requirements for Emergency Windows and Escape Hatches as well as Markings.
  • Warranted and insured against defective materials and workmanship

4) Ease of Use and Feasibility –

  • Compact device taking up little space in the stores

  • Installation consists of only 2 parts – a Safe-T-Punch™ Device and its accompanying operating instructions sticker

  • Very simple to install – Clean, Peel and Stick

  • The device is non-perishable with a long in service design life

  • Its operation is simple to understand and execute.

  • By being very practical and purpose designed, Safe-T-Punch™ is feasible as a suitable emergency window glass breaking device

  • It is readily obtainable and globally available through PLR Distribution Pty Ltd

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is reliable and has a track record spanning more than 30 years of deployment and service.

5) Cost & Budget Reduction –

  • Ease of fitment: simply Clean, Peel and Stick
  • No skills training is required; just follow the installation instructions
  • Light weight and small means low freight charges and minimal storage space required
  • No tools and expensive equipment is needed for installation of the Safe-T-Punch™ to the emergency window
  • No electrical equipment or outlet required
  • Unlike hammers, Safe-T-Punch™ is not portable and this reduces the cost of replacement for the end user
  • Once installed on the safety glass of the emergency window it is extremely difficult to remove
  • Anti-vandalism covers are available for the STP50FA device
  • It is a robust product with a rich history of successful deployment in the public domain
  • Very low maintenance and a simple visual and tactile inspection for verification of serviceability
  • Spare parts, security tags and instructions stickers are available
  • No duties for import into the European Union and a low tariff for import from South Africa usually apply to most countries.
  • PLR Distribution Pty Ltd is registered as participant under the following trade agreements AGOA, SADC, EU/TDCA, EFTA and GSP

6) Design Optimisation –

  • Function dictates the form of a Safe-T-Punch™ Device
  • Designed and successfully tested to perform within the physical abilities of a 12 year old female.

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is constitutionally aligned to insure all applicable regulations are satisfied without discrimination.

  • It provides complete and full compliance without the need for interpretation of the regulations

  • A red button is easily recognised and commonly denotes an emergency control

  • Its operating requirements require simple bold hand movements – remove the security tag and repeatedly strike the red button

  • It provides a fixed target to aim for, unlike portable hammer tools that may be difficult to aim during use by an average passenger

  • Safe-T-Punch™ cannot be dropped or mishandled during use

  • Being permanently fixed in its place of operation prevents unauthorised removal and ensures its presence at all times

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is a Device not a tool

  • The instructions sticker is homologated and complies in all respects with the clearly defined markings requirements for such devices

  • The operating instructions are sequential, numbered, separated, worded and explained using pictograms

  • Safe-T-Punch™ can be used during the manufacturing and testing for the suitability of “Emergency Window – Readily Breakable Safety Glass”. This testing process ensures that all aspects of the emergency window is controlled and is tested for suitability, effectiveness and adequacy. This process is used in South Africa by IVECO to ensure total compliance.

7) Design and Development –

  • Customer input is processed through a controlled development procedure
  • The procedure includes rigorous testing and verification as well as risk assessments and FEMA analysis

  • Custom operating instructions stickers are designed according to customer requirements and the applicable regulations to ensure compliance of the product on offer

  • Multiple language translations of our instructions stickers are available or can be generated as required by the customer

8) Product Life Cycle –

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is designed to outlast the normal life expectancy of the vehicle to which it is fitted
  • The device is protected against environmental corrosion and UV radiation
  • Safe-T-Punch™ is tested for hot, cold and wet operating environments
  • Very low maintenance and spares are available should it be needed

9) Industry Developments –

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is widely used internationally by different industries, these include buses, trains, cars, buildings, fire equipment enclosures, marine and yellow metal plant and machinery
  • It is accepted by international competent authorities as a compliant upgrade to emergency hammers and breaker arms

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is recognised by Work Safe BC Canada as satisfying the Occupational Health and Safety requirements for road construction machinery

10) Product Opportunity –

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is more compliant and suitable than any other similar technology
  • It is extensively tested using recognised test methodology by independent accredited testing facilities such as the South African Bureau of Standards, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research and Wintech UKAS accredited glass testing facility

  • Many OE manufactures of buses and trains use Safe-T-Punch™ as their approved emergency window glass breaking device

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is used world-wide including Europe, Asia and America and Canada

  • ILR Safety CC is ISO9001:2015 Certified and is the sole manufacturer and owner of Safe-T-Punch™ Emergency Window Glass Breaking devices

  • Safe-T-Punch™v is accepted by operators of vehicles as well as passengers

ISO 9001:2015 Certification