Homologation Manager

Employed to ensure legal compliance of regulated technical parts used. Must pass the inspection of the competent authority and achieve approval for parts to be used. Being able to comply with the letter and spirit of the regulated homologation requirements in the absence of a performance standard is not easy. Safe-T-Punch™ has achieved approval from the competent authority in many countries.


1) Management process –

  • Simple to report on as all relevant data and tests are accredited

2) Compliance with Regulations –

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is designed to save lives and is safe to use
  • It is performance is tested.
  • Safe-T-Punch™ contains no hazardous material and is safe to handle.
  • It requires no power tools or skilled labour and poses no risk of injury during installation.
  • It is not removable or portable and poses no risk to the operator or end user.

3) Safety Compliance –

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is very sophisticated yet extremely simple to install thus there are few opportunities for things to go wrong
  • Successful installation can be achieved by unskilled labour
  • No tools or electricity are required to install the device
  • Being a compact product it is simple to store
  • Seamless interface between departments makes management simple

4) Competent Authority –

  • “In order to homologate a vehicle a sample must be supplied for evaluation, supported by a large body of documented evidence provided by the original manufacturer, including inspection and test reports compiled by recognised laboratories or inspection. The evidence must cover the characteristics of the complete vehicle, as well as all components referred to in the applicable standards and codes of practice.” NRCS South Africa
  • Homologation of the Safe-T-Punch™ is a simple submission of our existing accredited test reports, data and samples to the competent authority
  • All documents are provided to satisfy the competent authority in the absence of a compulsory standard
  • Safe-T-Punch is homologated in many countries
  • It is homologated under the brand name Safe-T-Punch™ by the VCA UK and by Worksafe BC Canada and other competent authorities in Europe, Asia and America
  • Safe-T-Punch™ is recognised as a superior alternative to hammers and breaker arms
  • Many OE bus manufacturers have successfully achieved homologation these include IVECO, CNH Industrial, Marcopolo, MAN, Daimler Benz, Volvo, Scania, Wright Bus, Alexander Dennis, BYD, VDL and van Hool

5) Market Requirement v.s. Compliance –

  • Safe-T-Punch™ fulfils all regulatory requirements and is tested.                  
  • Contra to the stated requirements for homologation, hammer tools are commonly used and approved of a safety critical emergency exit component or tool. The hammer is not a device
  • It can be frustrating for a competent authority to certify an untested hammer tool as the required device for an emergency window

6) Testing –

  • Safe-T-Punch™ is independently performance tested by accredited testing facilities such as the CSIR, SABS and Wintech
  • Safe-T-Punch™ is manufactured under ISO9001:2015 certified procedures by ILR Safety.
  • ILR Safety, as part of its DFMEA evaluation, performed many in house tests; these included Performance, Humidity, Sun and UV, Heat, Freezing and Submersion testing conditions.
  • We further encourage our customers to use Safe-T-Punch™ when performing testing for suitability of their Emergency Window’s “readily breakable safety glass”
  • ILR Safety can provide acceptable evidence of compliance as the OE of Safe-T-Punch without the need for further testing or interpretation in the absence of a performance standard to guide the competent authority.

7) Spare parts –

  • All spare parts are identical, standardised and original Safe-T-Punch™ components
  • Spares and replacement parts consist of safety tags. instructions stickers, adhesive and tamper covers

8) Co-ordination with the OE –

As the OE, ILR Safety can provide all required technical information

ISO 9001:2015 Certification