Emergency Exit Specialists

The STP40N is intended for use on single-glazed Emergency Exit windows that are made from R43 Toughened Safety Glass which needs to be broken to allow escape. Ideal for Single-occupant vehicles used in the Plant and Machinery industries.


Body:                                   Aluminium anodised Black
Plunger:                               Aluminium anodised Red
Cir-clip:                                Stainless steel
Impact Tip:                          Carbide hard material
Adhesive:                            3M VHB 4936F Conformable Foam Tape
Safety:                                 Plastic break-away yellow safety tag
Device Size:                        39mm x 24mm
Device Weight:                    65g
Operating Instructions:      Photoluminescent self-adhesive vinyl (Grade C)
Sticker Size:                        165mm x 75mm
Sticker Weight:                    7 g

Performance Data:

Operating means:               By Hand.
Operating force required:  3 Joules.

Critical requirements:

Installation: SAFE-T-PUNCH™ is to be installed on marked readily breakable toughened safety glass only. This R43 glass is usually used as side or rear vehicle windows.
Suitability: NOT suitable for use on laminate glass (Front windscreen of a vehicle).
Installation method:  Clean, Peel and Stick.


Conforming to regulations: UN ECE R107 Emergency Windows technical requirements.
FMVSS 217 Window retention and release.
International Maritime Organisation Regulation 13.


SAFE-T-PUNCH™ is proudly produced in South Africa under TUV Certified ISO 9001:2015 DAkkS Accredited Quality Management System.
-T-PUNCH™ customers represent all types of passenger transport industries. these bus and coach manufacturers and operators to marine and rail passenger transport companies.
SAFE-T-PUNCH™ is used extensively on construction and mining machinery to enable a rapid operator escape.

Emergency Exit Specialists