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Welcome to SAFE-T-PUNCH™

Safe-T-Punch™ is a highly sophisticated patented device that has only one purpose – to break readily breakable safety glass in a scientifically proven reliable manner.

This performance-tested device offers unsurpassed ability to any person in need of a rapid escape through an Emergency Window.

Safe-T-Punch™ can be retrofitted to any compliant designated emergency window.  This cutting-edge low-tech safety technology is required for fitment to emergency windows as found in Buses, Taxies, Trains, Shipping vessels, Riverboats, Buildings, Mobile homes, Armored vehicles, Limousines, Cars, Trucks, Construction equipment, Plant and Machinery (Yellow metal), Ambulances, Emergency response vehicles and any environment like Cleanrooms where instant emergency egress may be of life-saving importance.

The Rapid Escape Solution

All Readily Breakable Safety Glass Emergency Windows are required to be a specified size and glass type (UNECE R43 Toughened Automotive Glass) and be suitably located.  These readily breakable window panes are weatherproof and permanently fitted or bonded in the vehicle body window openings.  It is, therefore, a logical choice to satisfy the above technical requirements by allowing for new and existing conforming windows to be equipped with a Safe-T-Punch™ glass-breaking device.

The UK Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) accepts the Safe-T-Punch™ device as fit for purpose and it conforms to the UN ECE R107 technical requirements for emergency windows and emergency hatches.  Independent UKAS-accredited performance tests confirm the efficacy of Safe-T-Punch™ in breaking readily breakable safety glass.