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Our Story - SAFE-T-PUNCH™

Our story begins with the invention of SAFE-T-PUNCH™ in 1991 by Ivan le Roux. The inspiration behind creating a better emergency window technology came from a tragic disaster in South Africa where 42 school children drowned inside a submerged bus.

Over the years, SAFE-T-PUNCH™ has undergone several refinements. The development of a modern range of sophisticated SAFE-T-PUNCH™ products was made possible due to our caring, passion, and commitment towards saving lives. Today, these products are accepted and available internationally.

In 2006, Pia le Roux joined the team as Director and CFO. As a small family-run business, her grit and tireless support have been the backbone of the ongoing success of SAFE-T-PUNCH™. It is globally recognized as an essential lifesaving device.

The original SAFE-T-PUNCH™ is still made under the care of its inventor, who is the Technical Director. In 2016, the company achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification, and in 2020, it upgraded its quality management system to ISO 9001:2015 certification.

SAFE-T-PUNCH™ has become the internationally accepted generic term for an emergency window glass-break device. It is a truly successful South African invention.

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